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The Intolerants were born from a beautiful encounter, but before that, they sprouted from the inventiveness and experience of Béatrice Langlais. Béatrice (known as Béa) combined her solid education with rich experience and an innate passion for responsible gastronomy. Ahead of her time, she studied both well-known and lesser-known natural ingredients. Constantly experimenting with new recipes and never backing down from challenges, she developed products with a single objective: to marry gastronomy and responsibility for the benefit of those who can no longer tolerate or choose not to tolerate certain ingredients. All that remained was to structure these developments and this energy.
In meeting Marc Weissberg, Béa knew what to expect. Marc was going to bring rigor and structure to this beautiful adventure, create a suitable distribution, and ensure exemplary service. The purpose of this encounter is to allow demanding consumers to rediscover Béatrice's creations on their plates.